Thursday, February 01, 2007

In the sweet by and by...

I lost someone on 31 Dec 2006. Although I know she has gone 'to a better place where there are no tears or pain', I am still processing my grief.

At Keep Fit Class I 'see' you at your regular position...
I am reminded of your lip-sticked smile...
I recall the times we shared - all girls' nite-out, bridal showers (the intimate things we chatted about)...

The pot-lucks (or should I say, pot-bless as you term it) & hospitality at your home - roast duck with bitter gourd, roast chic, macaroni, fried spaghetti, mee siam... (Thanks for the lodeh rempah which I still have not used)

MMT makan & meetings ...
Prayer meetings with the Intercessors...
Sharing with you in ministry - Children (SS at the old premises), Management Team, MMT, Prayer, at one time the Ladies' Meeting...

Thank you, Luan, for your fellowship - I remember your visit on the day I was admitted to UH (end 2004)...
the time I spent in your (old) home in SS4D when I was also hit by the 'German "misiles" (measles)'...
of course not forgetting your wedding (first time I did the decor impromptu!!)...
and the numerous chats, things we did together at church-related events (camps, retreats, Bible study group, BTCP, etc)...

Indeed you had an infectious zest for life, an inspiring spiritual walk with the Lord and an exemplary commitment to good discipline.

I couldn't imagine life without you... and now... I still think very much of you...

I recall the last time I saw you (the night of Thu 28 Dec) when the Intercessors went to pray (& I couldn't pray - I wasn't sure whether I should pray for your healing or your going any more...)
I said, Thank you, Luan, for your love and fellowship... You are a sister endowed with much wisdom and discernment... & I have been impacted by your life.

As I wrote in your Updates you have displayed an exemplary faith and faithfulness. How appropriately we sang that song, Approved in every way at your Funeral Service.
Praise the Lord for all the services - they attested to God's greatness, faithfulness and your life of excellence! Well, when we meet again...we can exchange notes!

Till then... let us continue to run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith... Heb 12: 1-2

18 Jan 2007

A Collection Of Eulogies

Aunty Luan was a remarkable lady. It was how she lived, everyday, which made her so remarkable. Aunty Luan was generous and her thoughtfulness was beyond words. This generosity and thoughtfulness was often seen and attested to by none other than her family, growth group members, Chris’ and her marriage counselees, ministry leaders and members of BUC themselves.

This was how she viewed her home: a place where not only knowledge could be taught, but a place where love could be sown as well, through her hospitality. We shared many meals and meetings in her home.

Aunty Luan, you see, did her good deeds in stealth. She never advertised the fact that she helped so many people in so many different ways. She never talked about her numerous acts of kindness. Yet I believe that almost everyone here today has been on the receiving end of that kindness.

For Aunty Luan, being a wife was not at all a role but a mission. On the rare and precious moments that she has invited me for a cup of tea or meal, Aunty Luan would often recount to me how important respect in a marriage is. This was a cause she sincerely believed in and untiringly fought for.

And in the world the she moved in, in the simple daily tasks that she did everyday as a church member, Aunty Luan made sure that no member, no ministry leader, went uncared for nor unloved.

Aunty Luan believed that sometimes all it takes is a simple greeting that she conveys to her fellow members despite her busy schedule. A moment’s greeting goes a long way for the other person.

Aunty Luan definitely had a big heart. And she made sure that everyone got a chance to share it with her.

Aunty Luan will surely be missed by her growth group members, her fellow ministry leaders, her marriage counselees and most of all, by her family. What consoles us now is the knowledge that she is back in her Heavenly Father’s embrace, to enjoy the same love she so generously gave and showed to the world through her life.

Her memory lives on in our memories and hearts.

By Wan Yi

Aunty Luan says...
What would Aunty Luan say to us at the Memorial Service?
1. Keep on Serving
2. Honour my going
(From Brother Soo-Inn's message on 31 December 2006)
Thank you, Aunty Luan. We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

There's a land that is fairer than day,
And by faith we can see it afar;
For the Father waits over the way,
To prepare us a dwelling place there.

In the sweet by and by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
In the sweet by and by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;

We shall sing on that beautiful shore
The melodious songs of the blest,
And our spirits shall sorrow no more,
Not a sigh for the blessings of rest.

To our bountiful Father above,
We will offer a tribute of praise,
For the glorious gift of His love,
And the blessings that hallow our days.

Aunty Luan

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Aunty Luan was called to the Lord on the 31st of December 2006, after celebrating her daughter's birthday (Hui En) one day before.

Aunty Luan was one of my Sunday School teachers in the old premises. I remember very well how I became such good friends with Hui En, Ming Han, etc.
When I first joined the BUC sunday school, I didn't know anyone, so I had no friends :( yes, I was once lonely. So one lesson, Aunty Luan asked me quietly, before our Sunday School class whether I have made any friends in our Sunday School Class. I replied with a no (I was the youngest in the class). So when everyone was settled, she introduced me and told the class to be friends with me. Ever since then, I have made very close friends in BUC, all whom I treasure very much. I think that if it weren't for Aunty Luan, I wouldn't have made such wonderful friends.

Everytime we had youth in the Leong's house and I see Aunty Luan, she would always wear a BIG smile and ask me how I am or how my family is doing.

And everytime I had a piano exam, Aunty Luan would always assure me that I would pass. And after, she would always ask me how it went.
And how can I forget the numerous times Aunty Luan told me to pull up my trousers? Haha. And always telling me to act like a lady, "A lady must never do this, a lady must be like this.."

During the memorial service, there was a phrase that really caught my attention.
"Aunty Luan would tell us not to focus on her, but on God." and "Stay faithful"
I really admire Aunty Luan's relationship with the Lord. She always wants to be closer to the Lord. Indeed, she is a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are so many things that I could say about Aunty Luan but I need to stop now. I must study as my IGCSE mocks are starting this coming Monday.

Aunty Luan, we will meet on that beautiful shore...

Michelle Wong (youth)

A Tribute to my Spiritual Mentor

My Spiritual Mentor Madam Lim Luan Keow aka Aunty Luan was called home to the Lord at 8:30 am on Sunday, 31 December 2006. It was a sad day for us all at Bandar Utama Chapel. Luan was my Spiritual Mentor, Prayer Partner, Discipleship Group Leader, Marriage Counsellor and a good friend. During the first year of her mentoring, she did bible study with me almost every week at my house. I would always make a cup of tea for her. I still remember how she liked her tea to be prepared – a bag of tea with a teaspoonful of condensed milk. What she has impacted me most during the bible study is reminding me to put my identity in Christ as the first priority. She has taught me to say that “I’m a Christian who is a lecturer”. Luan did not just guide me in my spiritual growth, but she has also ministered to my physical needs:
She cooked for me when I had miscarriage. I will always miss her cooking.

She took my mum and me for marketing at Section 17. She introduced me to her favourite chicken and vegetables stalls.

Last December 2005, she accompanied me to the hospital for my checkup after the birth of my son.

She has even given me a parental advice during her illness – “Always speak positive words to Jordan.”

I have many fond memories of Luan. We were in the same mission trip to China in 2004. She was an excellent team leader, constantly keeping the team in the right focus. She taught us to be FAT – Flexible, Available and Teachable. I will miss the weekly prayer meeting at her home. We have always had a good time of sharing and praying for one another and our respective ministries. To me, Luan was a woman of wisdom, understanding and discernment. She has always been a royal priesthood. As what brother Soo-Inn said, I can imagine her serving actively in Heaven now. All her words of advice are so precious to me that I will forever cherish them in my heart. Because of this, she will always be my Spiritual Mentor. I miss you, Luan.

Christine Lee

Tribute to Luan

Life was simple
Yet you were generous.

A committed wife
Devoted mother.

Faithful to God
Till the end.

You leave us too soon
Our loss, our pain.

For you, no more pain
Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Thank you for your life and love.

Anthony Yeo & Soo Lan

Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Beginning

On Sunday 31 Dec 2006, Chris was by Luan’s bedside reading to her Ps 20 when she drew her last earthly breath.

A Big Thank You to those who received the news and came to render support and help. Indeed we were so encouraged by the overwhelming attendance at all the Memorial Services (Sun at home & Mon in Jalan Imbi Chapel) and the Funeral & Committal Services. They were beautiful services befitting a woman of excellence, a faithful handmaid of the Lord and praiseworthy of our great and loving God. We are assured that the Lord has welcomed her home-coming with His loving hands and wiped away all her tears.

Many also smsed, emailed, called, visited, gave wreaths, gifts, etc. Thank you for all your condolences and encouragement.

Whilst we dearly miss her (many couples especially have been blessed by Chris' & her counsel and example), we celebrate a life well-lived and are inspired to carry the baton she has passed on to us. Her commitment to her Lord and consistency in her walk is a challenge to us while her zest for life and sacrificial service inspire us to give off our best to the Master.

She was cremated at the City Council (Dewan Bandaraya) Crematorium in Cheras at about 1 pm on 2 Jan. The family left for Singapore yesterday (4 Jan) where her ashes will be laid to rest (which is Luan's wish).

Thank you once again for every prayer you have uttered - the Father heard and in His sovereign perfect plan He has called His loved one home. Though her earthly life has ended, His purpose for her has not.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Be Thou My Vision

Luan returned to the Lord's bosom at 8:30am this morning.

Sunday Memorial Service
Venue: Home of the Leongs @ 45, Jalan BU 1/1, Bandar Utama
Time: 8:00pm

Monday Memorial Service
Venue: Jalan Imbi Chapel (map)
Time: 8:00pm

Tuesday Funeral Service
Venue: Jalan Imbi Chapel, thereafter a procession to the Cheras Crematorium
Time : 10:00am

Friday, December 29, 2006

Be Still

It has been just over a week now that Luan has been home. The medical team from Hospice visits every day to administer palliative care and monitor the situation. More fistulas have appeared. Due to her excruciating pain, a high dosage of morphine has to be given. Her stomach has not been able to absorb the nutrients the last two days.

We thank the Lord for a good night nurse and nurse friend who have helped relieve the family. Many relatives and friends from far and near have visited and prayed. Chris is thankful for all your support.

Yet at this time Chris reminded the church that whatever the outcome, to remember that “God is sovereign. He is still good and He knows what is best and nothing can separate us from His love. Let us continue to be faithful to the Lord Who will work all things together for good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Should the Lord choose to take Luan home, it is not death but will be that the Lord has taken her. I want the church to celebrate His goodness. For me to live is Christ.”

When Chris asked her what she wanted to tell Jesus, she replied, (that I will) stay faithful. Indeed the last few days she expressed that her desire was to be a woman of faith. We indeed praise the Lord for this dear faithful sister in the Lord. What a testimony to Him!

In the words of brother Chris, “It has been a journey of growth for each of us as much as for Luan. You have walked with me but it’s also a journey I have to walk with Luan and then for her to walk by herself. The Lord has prepared me. Thank you for your concern.”

Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Submitted to His Sovereign Will

Luan was discharged yesterday (20 Dec 2006) and is now resting at home. Hospice has lent them a bed and private nursing services have been engaged to relieve the family in their care of Luan.

She is weak in body but when she is awake, her mind is still very alert. Due to the urge to go on the commode her rest is much interrupted.

Please continue to uphold Chris, Chung En & Hui En, also two of Luan’s sisters who have come up to assist in looking after Luan which entails dispensing her medication, pain management, helping her on the commode, cleaning the colostomy bags as well as feeding her (through the tube) and seeing to adequate supplies of the various things. There are also much adjustments that have to be made (sleeping arrangements, marketing, meals, different nurses, etc).

It was good that last Sunday, Chris and the children could join with the church to worship the Lord. Chris even ministered in prayer to the members. As a church we prayed for them and cried to the Lord for His help, submitting to His perfect plan whilst appealing for His divine intervention. Together with you as His body we have been much impacted by Luan’s situation, each one growing in our experience of our God in our respective journeys with Him.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed, visited, called, smsed, given love gifts and helped in one way or another. During this painful and difficult time the family really appreciates all your love and encouragement. We continue to look to His grace and mercy and submit ourselves to His Sovereign will.

From Luan Update 17

Monday, December 11, 2006

We rest on Thee

Luan was discharged from the hospital on Friday, 24 Nov. Hui En came back from her mission trip to the Philippines on Sunday, 26 Nov.

But on Fri 1 Dec Luan had a fall (at home while getting up to go on the commode) & had a one inch cut on her head. Her blood count was also low and was admitted to the Sg Buloh Hospital where she was given 2 pts of blood transfusion. She was discharged the following day.

Last week Luan hardly ate and both her legs were swollen. Thus, on Thursday (7 Dec), Chris decided to admit her (to Pantai Medical Centre). She was placed on drip and fed nutrition intravenously.

On Sat according to hospital procedures Chris was informed that they had put Luan in the dangerously ill list.

On Sat also, they put in a feeding tube for her in order for the nutrition to be pumped directly into the stomach. On Sunday morning she had a sore on her back and also a slight fever.

But she still has the urge to go on the commode (every 10 mins or so) and the hospital nurses are finding it hard to cope. Chris engaged a night nurse. Various sisters (from different churches) are also now helping in relieving Chris.

Chris has been very tired as he is the primary care-giver, changing the 2 colostomy bags which sometimes leak and peel off due to Luan’s movements and their position. He has been administering her morphine dosage as well as other medications besides helping Luan who has been having this very frequent urge to go to the toilet due to the urinary tract infection. Luan too has been in great pain these couple of weeks and it is heart-breaking for him to see his loved one in this painful struggle. So do remember Chris very much in your prayers.

On a positive note, his mum has been recuperating well – the wound has healed and although unable to walk, is in good spirits and is very much her normal self and with a big smile and lightened heart. Praise the Lord!

Thank the Lord, Chung En has managed to change his flight and will be joining the family this afternoon.

The church has come round to worship, break bread & pray with Chris & Luan. Whilst it has been a roller-coaster ride, many positive things have also resulted for which we are all thankful to the Lord.

We ask God in His sovereign mercy to release His healing, to still the storm… His ways are higher than ours… we submit to His perfect plan.

I hope that this update will be useful to guide you in your prayers. Thank you once again for your fellowship.

dolly foo
bandar utama chapel

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Luan in Hospital

We praised God that Luan’s health generally had improved from the time she was in hosp in Oct.

However, early Sunday morning, she woke up to notice some discharge in her lower abdomen and washed it and discovered she has a hole (close to an inch) in her lower abdomen where the discharge came through. Doc was to tell us that this was probably caused by the aggressive cancer cells. The opening was along part of the operation wound that had healed in August. We admitted her on Sunday early morning. There is no visible bleeding so we thank God for that. Blood test then revealed very low hemoglobin reading of 4! Half of what her reading was after the third chemo (then it was 6—the normal reading about 11)—so she might had been having slow bleeding somewhere where the tumor is at work. That might be the reason why she had had sudden burst of fever the last several weeks—but each time the fever came only for a short period (an hour or the longest was 6 hours) and then back to normal after prayers. She was given 2 pints of blood and her reading gone up to 8.9 yesterday.

Pray for wisdom for doc as they discern what to do with the almost 1 inch puncture/wound in the abdomen—they did some test yesterday. Pray for wisdom for us too as we respond to doc’s suggestion for course of action. Pray for God to heal and close up the wound. Meanwhile continue to pray that Luan will have appetite to eat her meals. She seems to eat better since she was admitted on Sunday! Praise God. God’s peace still reign in our hearts as we discern the way forward as He guides us.

Pray for our children too—Chung En studying in England and Hui En away at a missions trip to Philippines—in fact, mum was admitted one day after she left. We were able to get some short messages to her so far.